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The life and lies of Johnson

If you know me, you’ll be aware that I despise this man. As I type this, he is currently Prime Minister of our country. Hopefully as you read it, he won’t be. I’m more than happy for you to read this and decide that you have no time for someone like me expressing my political opinion. My opinion on this man is not about party politics. That is a very different matter. My opinion is based on the vile example of a human being that he is. And the damage that he has done to the UK.

Some people go down in history for making a blunder. For doing something wrong. For some it’s a very bad thing they did.

Some people are known for one or two bad things.

For me, and I think I speak for a great many people, this man has a complete catalogue of things that he has done catastrophically badly on our behalf and that have gone very wrong for him. Things he’s done because he felt he has a different set of rules. Thinks he’s above reproach. Genuinely thinks that he is entitled to anything he wants.

I’m not going to list them as there are too many now, but this week (25 June 2022) brought forth yet more indications that he’s getting it wrong. More things that went badly for him, yet he still bimbles onwards oblivious. Still he clings onto that cliff by his fingernails.

I’m fascinated with the human psyche and observe so many bad examples of humans in the public eye that can’t just get on peacefully doing good things like most of us. Doing our best at our jobs or businesses, and trying to help others where we can.

So many people, as they did (and still do) over the pond with Trump, still think he’s the man. Still trot out that line about “getting the big calls right”. I so nearly said “Yeah, like when he xxxx”, but I’m not going to raise any of his litany of lies and misdemeanours, as I don’t think I have any energy left for him now.

My only hope now, and it’s my only hope with him, is that when he eventually does go, because he will at some point, is that it is in the most undeniable, irrefutable, unspinnable, embarrassing way. Something that leaves his record in no doubt to anyone, even the die hard forelock-tuggers.

He survived his recent confidence vote as his colleagues voted to save their party and their jobs, yet it was so close. Almost half the Tory party have a conscience it seems. Almost

I sincerely hope that whatever it is that happens, that Rhys Mogg and Gove are dragged back into the swamp with him.

One day his gold-digging leech will divorce him too, once her train has run out of gravy.

I hold very few people in contempt, but this man has caused so much damage to our country, is responsible for so much pain, and has changed the lives of so many families. Yet there he is, still saying he’s done nothing wrong.

And why? Greed, ego and power. That’s why. Though with him, and everything that we know about him, there is also an element of “What a jolly wheeze it would be to be PM”.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When he appeared as guest host on one of my favourite programmes, ‘Have I got news for you’, he utterly stuffed that up. It was clear he was a clueless bumbling oaf. Yet they gave him London to look after. And he stuffed that up. So they gave him Great Britain….

Fans of his thought, and still think he has a personality or that it would make a refreshing change, but I’ve always just seen him as an embarrassment, incapable of anything selfless or good.

Please, if you think he is still the man for the job, and that he’s the messiah, he’s not. He’s a very naughty boy. This has to end soon. And I really hope it ends very badly for him. I don’t wish ill on anyone, but he must go down in history badly. That would be the only consolation. Something so tarnishing that he cannot reputationally recover from. Wouldn’t it be a fitting end if we had another Boris in prison soon? (at the time of writing Mr Becker was recently imprisoned for also being a naughty boy.

Here is a brilliant video, which catalogues the traits of this person beautifully…