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The advent of the Dadvent

December 2019 was conundrum time…

It’s the 3rd of December and you’re meeting your Daughter the next day for dinner. You buy her an Advent Calendar every year, despite the fact that She’s now 27 years old. You go to 6 shops, and none of them have any left! What do you do?

You make her a DADVENT CALENDAR, that’s what!!!!

Absolutely gutted that Lauren came up with the term ‘Dadvent Calendar’ and not me!!! 

Forward to December 2020…

2019 saw me making a naff advent calendar for Lauren as the shops had run out.

She named it the ‘Dadvent Calendar’, which gave me the idea to actually try to make something nice this year.

This is what I came up with and she loved it! I told a couple of friends about it and ended up making four more for their offspring. They’re both girl friends though, so Lauren and I retained the DADVENT brand! 

Lauren loved it so much that I said I’d do it every year, but she had other ideas. She said we’d take it in turns. So …

2021 saw the return of the Davent from Lauren to me…

She didn’t keep within the confines of the little numbered bags, so she had a LOT of wrapping to do! 

Happy and proud dad x