Holiday cottage industry consultant, amateur (very) musician, writer, over-thinker, and occasional wearer of padded lycra shorts

A brief overview of my professional life, and a toe-dip into who I am as a human. It’s probably an unorthodox website when compared to most, but then I’m possibly a little unorthodox too.

This site evolved as I felt a need to ‘document’ some of the things I do, all in one place. Sometimes it helps free up space in my head just to write stuff down, so here we are.

I built a holiday cottage business from scratch, into something quite good. Now I can help others do it. When I’m not doing that, I like riding my bike and playing the guitar, though not simultaneously. That wouldn’t end well.

Ok, that’s a bit too brief maybe. More info in the menu if you want to dig deeper. I firmly believe in being really open about the way I run my business, and my opinion on many things.