Welcome to my website. It’s not quite as arrogant as it sounds, honest. It started as a practicality and evolved into a bit of amusement for me.

For years I had a BT email address, but when I heard they were going to kill them all off one day I decided I needed a new one. In the same way that Baldrick had a bullet with his name on it to avoid being shot, I figured if I owned a website and email address with my name on it, then it couldn’t be taken away from me (unless they shoot the internet). So here it is.

Then I figured as I now have my own domain on the interweb, I’d use it to have links to the things I tend to shout about. That’s mostly my work, and my music. The work is what helps me scrape a living, and my music is just something I like doing. And then there’s everything else, which is mostly random. So I call that page ‘Random’. Didn’t want to overthink it.

Carl Scott with REM