Elephant in the Room

‘Elephant in the Room’ is the evolution of the ponderings of a bloke who played bass in a prog rock band ages ago then had a 30 year break before deciding to write music and have a go at singing and playing the guitar.

An acoustic trio based in Suffolk, we are; Carl Scott on vocals and guitar, Fern Teather on vocals and shaky egg, and Sam Thurlow on percussion and vocals. An all original, varied mix of rocky/ folky/ acousticy/ singer-songwritery melodies.

Formed in 2013, with our debut EP ‘Roomers’ out that year, we’ve gigged extensively since across East Anglia & London at some great venues and festivals and have done quite a few live radio sessions, including BBC Suffolk.

Our debut album ‘Songs about…’ was released in March 2016 and our second album ‘The Difficult Second Album’ was released in December 2017. We then popped out another album, ‘Footprints in the Butter’, in 2019.

Get in touch, you can buy them if you want. I mean, you don’t have to but your life will be enhanced with one or more of them. The more of our albums you own, the more your life will be enriched beyond your wildest imaginationings. Seriously!


Carl Scott – Guitars, bass & Vocals

Having never previously thought about writing or singing or playing more than four strings, 2013 saw a whole load of songs coming out of his little brain, then solo performances before wanting to expand the sound and rope in two talented people.

Fern Teather – Vocals & Shaky Egg

A highly accomplished singer/ songwriter in her own right, Fern adds the most beautiful, weaving harmonies to what the gruff bloke does. Rarely seen without a shaky egg in hand, adding to the rhythm of the band with hitty thing bloke below.

Sam Thurlow – Cajon, bongo’s, drums, various ‘hitty things’

The driving backbone of the band. What this guy can do just by hitting stuff is amazing! With ten mini drumsticks attached to his wrists, he provides intricate beats and touches throughout, dovetailing with the melodies perfectly. Oh and his backing vocals hit lower frequencies than a Boeing!


Here’s a video of us enjoying ourselves at West End Music in Ipswich, playing ‘Turns to Rust’ which is on our album ‘Songs about…’

You can buy the albums in West End Music as they are such great guys for stocking it for us, as well as lots of other local artists. You can also buy them by simply contacting us and we’ll send it to you in exchange for 10 fine English pounds each, or two for £15, or all three for £20.

Here’s the video to ‘Elephants in the Room’ which is also on the album ‘Songs about…’

We filmed it at The John Peel Centre in Suffolk and it features an anonymous guest as our Elephant, although she did look a lot like Fern’s mum when she took the head off!

This is ‘My love’ from the album ‘Songs about’ and it features our great friends David Booth (our ace Producer) on Mandolin, Charlie Law on Flute and Keith Sadler on backing vocals; all incredible Singer Songwriters so check them out too!

Gigs ‘n’ Stuff

We gigged loads in the past but we’re hardly doing anything right now as I’ve just been too busy with work. I’m steadily writing though, and we are now working on our next album. Slowly.